Kiki recently worked with me to design and incorporate, ‘Mindful Moments’ into a regional leadership development programme. At each step of the process, design through to delivery, Kiki was a complete professional, who demonstrated a deep appreciation of the subject matter and could easily translate the concepts into the business environment. By the end of the leadership programme, all the participants had experienced for themselves some very practical ways to incorporate new ways of thinking into their everyday leadership behaviours, to bring out the best in themselves and the teams that they lead. From this perspective, the introduction of mindful moments into the leadership learning process was a great success. I would not hesitate to recommend Kiki. In my own experience, Kiki will bring a highly original and unique perspective to managing self and others that challenges traditional leadership mindsets, creating high value and powerful leadership development interventions.”

Emma Taylor European Talent Manager at DENSO Europe

Voor Denso heeft Ki2 een add-on bij het bestaande leiderschapsprogramma gebracht, namelijk  Mindful Leadership. De dames en heren die het Regional Leadership Development Program van Denso volgen, hebben de verantwoordelijkheid over meerdere teams en meerdere landen. Ze staan voor een complexe taak die veel inspanning en spanning met zich mee kan brengen.

De vraag die Ki2 met hen heeft uitgezocht: Hoe kan jij je beste zelf zijn in elke omstandigheid?

Het resultaat: 20 zeer tevreden directieleden en managers die naar huis gingen met een nieuwe vaardigheid die al hun andere vaardigheden samenbrengt.

During a recent leadership seminar Kiki took us participants on very interesting journey of “mindful thinking”. Although I was quite sceptical in the beginning, Kiki succeeded to really impress me and to change my view about “mindfulness” in our daily life. The training helped me in becoming more aware of my habitual patterns. This helps in opening up new possibilities in efficient behavior: choosing the effective response instead of reacting in a situation. The training is down to earth and the tools are easily integrated in a busy business life. And on top of that, I was able to stop my thoughts for a few moments.” Nico Carucci

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