De training van Kiki Vreeling heeft mij doen realiseren dat je veel meer invloed op je eigen welzijn hebt dan ik eerder dacht. Door haar enthousiaste, persoonlijke en pragmatische aanpak lukte het haar om de theorie, die ik vaak al kende, zó over te brengen dat die eindelijk eens bij me aankwam. Mindfulness bleek daarbij een praktisch en doeltreffend middel. Het knappe is dat ze dit alles doet zonder zweverig te worden. Ik kan de training daarom van harte aanbevelen.

Sense Jan van der Molen Associate Professor Natuurkunde Universiteit Leiden

De training ‘Focus op zelfmanagement’ van Kiki Vreeling kan ik iedereen aanraden, ook managers en directeuren. Er is behoefte aan nieuwe vormen van leiderschap: dienend en verbindend, niet meer gebaseerd op macht en controle. Dat vraagt om zelfkennis en de bereidheid zonder oordeel naar anderen te luisteren… en naar jezelf. In 8 sessies reikt Kiki inzichten en technieken aan uit mindfulness, die helpen om je aandacht te richten. Ze creëert een prettige sfeer, waardoor we als collega’s elkaar konden helpen in dit leerproces. Kiki heeft me de hulpmiddelen gegeven om hiermee te kunnen blijven oefenen. Dit maakt de training extra waardevol, ook lang nadat deze is afgelopen.

Matthijs van Otegem Directeur van de Universiteitsbibliotheek van de Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

Kiki recently worked with me to design and incorporate, 'Mindful Moments' into a regional leadership development programme. At each step of the process, design through to delivery, Kiki was a complete professional, who demonstrated a deep appreciation of the subject matter and could easily translate the concepts into the business environment. By the end of the leadership programme, all the participants had experienced for themselves some very practical ways to incorporate new ways of thinking into their everyday leadership behaviours, to bring out the best in themselves and the teams that they lead. From this perspective, the introduction of mindful moments into the leadership learning process was a great success. I would not hesitate to recommend Kiki. In my own experience, Kiki will bring a highly original and unique perspective to managing self and others that challenges traditional leadership mindsets, creating high value and powerful leadership development interventions.

Emma Taylor European Talent Manager at DENSO Europe

During a recent leadership seminar Kiki took us participants on very interesting journey of “mindful thinking”. Although I was quite sceptical in the beginning, Kiki succeeded to really impress me and to change my view about "mindfulness" in our daily life. The training helped me in becoming more aware of my habitual patterns. This helps in opening up new possibilities in efficient behavior: choosing the effective response instead of reacting in a situation. The training is down to earth and the tools are easily integrated in a busy business life. And on top of that, I was able to stop my thoughts for a few moments.

Nico Carucci Regional Manager (D-A-CH) at DENSO Automotive Deutschland GmbH

I have to admit, that at the start, I was a bit sceptical towards the Mindfulness theme, is it not just a hype and too fuzzy for me? However, Kiki offered a very down- to- earth course with her pleasant and pragmatic approach that appeared to be full of challenging insights and practical tips to improve your personal effectiveness in private and work life. Kiki has a gift to create an environment that feels instantly relaxed, pleasant and safe and I truly appreciated Kiki’s professionalism, her open-mind and non-judgemental attitude and her kindness.

Malou Kroezen Learning & Development Manager at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

- Thanks for the organization of this interesting event, I’m convinced that it will benefit our employees. - The exercises were very easy to put into practice right away. - I want to learn more!

Ashland Mindfulness and Personal Leadership Workshop

Kiki heeft het vermogen om een filosofie en visie volledig door te vertalen naar de praktijk. Indrukwekkend en prettig.

Gerbrand Schutten Directeur Aqualiner / Waterbus

What mostly amazed me during the course was the continuous realization that everyone can really make their life better if they just want to. Kiki’s course can facilitate this process in many ways, including teaching you to put things into perspective and about how your body affects your mind. I also learned a lot by merely listening to the other people in the group, which is something that is often hard to make time for. After every single class I felt empowered and calm at the same time, and I believe this was largely due to Kiki’s capacity to deliver these feelings. She leads by example and very impersonates what I grasped of the spirit of mindfulness — many people may naively think of it as an esoteric technique, while I realized it’s a down-to-earth tool to live a better life.

Gabriele Paolacci Assistant Professor in Marketing, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam

The In Focus course has helped me to better cope with stress and to prevent stress. By means of mediation and focus exercises I have learned to observe the environment (incl. myself) without any judgment such that subjective thoughts have less influence on the way I feel and perform. Using the tools offered in the course I’m better able to take care of myself.

Dr. Ben Tims Assistant Professor of Finance at the department of Finance at RSM, Erasmus University

Met “RSM in Focus” werd alle RSM-ers, de medewerkers van Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM), de mogelijkheid geboden deel te nemen aan een 8 wekelijkse mindfulness course. Door een perfecte combinatie van theorie en praktijk (het echt uitvoeren van oefeningen) is een heel breed scala aan onderwerpen behandeld: Hoe stel je prioriteiten in je werk? Hoe verwerk je deze in je dagelijkse werkplanning? Hoe leer je naar je eigen lichaam te luisteren? Wat doe je met de informatie die je daar uit krijgt? Welke verschillende vormen van meditatie zijn er en welke werkt het beste bij jou? Verrassend hoe in een werksetting zo’n heel vertrouwde en beschermde omgeving werd gecreëerd door Kiki! En heel prettig en motiverend dat je leert hoe je in kleine stapjes grote verbeteringen in je self-management in gang kunt zetten.

Astrid Huisman Corporate Marketing and Communications Manager bij de Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

- As a sceptic about the topic, I was pleasantly surprised. The part of the event that left the biggest impression on me was the fact that you always have a choice to be in the moment and don’t necessarily have to act immediately because of habits in behaviour. I just never realized that before. - Great topic, more people should hear about this. It is not vague or ‘alternative’ but puts emphasis on focus with exercises that are easy, short and give a quick result.

Ashland Workshop on Mindfulness and Personal Leadership
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